Droid VPN settings for netone users to access the internet all for free and unlimited data settings for all other networks

Droid VPN settings for netone gives you the ability to access the internet for free using the latest netone Zimbabwe Droid VPN trial for free internet.

It is very easy to access the internet for free if you manage to follow the instructions that are going to be given in this post and it is completely free.

However, if you want you can upgrade to Droid VPN premium and this might cost you something like $5 per month and you will be able to choose a plan which is suitable for you.

There are so many chances that you can access the internet for free if you manage to follow the given instructions without adding your own thoughts.

Meaning that if you don’t understand any part of this post you are free to ask and you will get the response in the comment section.

Droid VPN settings for netone are no longer easy to find on the internet because many people are pretending is if they can provide them whilst they can’t.

So today I came up to give you the latest settings for free internet and you are guaranteed to get 300 MB on a daily basis provided that you are using netone Zimbabwe.

Droid VPN

Droid VPN settings for netone

Droid VPN is a VPN application that people can use to secure their online activities and block unwanted advertisements while browsing the internet.

It is free for everyone to use you can get every account in order to get started. If you already have an account that’s fine but if you don’t you can create here.

If you don’t know how you can create an account you can scroll down below and you will learn all the steps that are required to create Droid VPN account and how to activate Droid VPN account.

Droid VPN is a powerful VPN engine that can be used to unblock geo-restricted content by changing your current location to any preferred location from the server list.

You can also use it to block advertisements all over the internet, you just have to connect it and browse the internet and all the advertisements will be gone.

The other noticeable feature that most people love is that Droid VPN can provide you with free internet, 300 mb per day for free users and unlimited gigabytes per day for premium users.

If you want a premium account just get in touch or comment below and give you a personalized premium account that you can use for one day.

Droid VPN Settings

Droid VPN settings for netone that I’m going to share with you right now gives you the ability to configure the app correctly so that you can get what you are expecting.

To get started you need to download the latest Droid VPN app so that you can get it right, if you are using Android 10+ don’t use the latest version.

If you are using Android 10 or newer you must use Droid VPN old version otherwise you might keep facing some challenges connecting to it.

However, if you are using Android 9 or later version you can download the latest version from Google Play store or any other trusted source then install it on your Android device.

If you don’t want to use the Google Play you can also use this very best alternative to download Droid VPN latest for Android 9 and later.

After installing the appropriate Droid VPN APK you can now proceed to the next step which is creating an account if you don’t have.

To use Droid VPN you need to have an active account so you can check out the post about how to create and activate Droid VPN account.

After getting the knowledge you can now create your own Droid VPN account and activate it in order for it to work, keep in mind that if it’s not activated it won’t work.

You can also check out these five tips that you can use to accelerate your Droid VPN for easy connection and fast internet speeds.

Droid VPN Settings For NetOne

Droid VPN settings

Now that you have the appropriate APK file installed on your device and an active Droid VPN account we can now proceed to the next step and configure Droid VPN settings for netone.

The next step is to setting up the VPN in such a way that it can provide free internet for you as a netone user. Check out droid VPN settings for other networks.

Open your Droid VPN APK and go to settings then go to account and enter your account credentials from which you have created from the above step.

Just be sure to enter the correct details because this is case sensitive you might get it wrong, if you have used a username or password with capital letters just do that.

After that click save and go to settings again and click on TCP and http and then enter the following:

  • Remote TCP port: 443
  • Local TCP port: 1080 or 9206
  • Save and continue

Now you need to turn on the option that says “set HTTP headers on TCP” and proceed to setting up the HTTP headers as follows:

  • URL/Host: netone.co.zw
  • Request method: Connect
  • Injection Method: Normal
  • Extra headers: online host, user agent, and keep alive.

Now click on this buttons respectively, generate, validate, save and then proceed to setting up the proxy settings. Check out VPN Setto free VPN settings.

Proxy settings are so much important and they needed to be set up correctly otherwise you may face some challenges and you need to use the correct proxy.

Droid VPN Fast Proxy Settings

Right now we need to set up the fastest proxy settings so that we can enjoy the fast internet connection with Droid VPN settings for netone Zimbabwe.

You can also check HTTP injector config files for free internet so that you can see which one can work best for you network or around in your country.

Droid VPN settings for netone requires the fast proxy settings so that you can easily get connected.



Droid VPN connecting

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However, if you have some challenges you are free to let me know in the comments section so that I can help you and make sure that you get what you are looking for.

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